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M is trying to help me to get to grips with blogging, and his approach today is to pose a question for me to answer.  I’m not sure if this will work, but it’s worth a shot!

If you haven’t met Marcus yet, check him out on, but make sure you come back!

So, his question for me to answer is actually three questions in one, which is cheating!  Lets give it a go anyway…

Since the first time you mentioned playing with a third person, describe your overall experience from then, to now, to your future want to tries…

So one night we get to talking about fantasies, which is not a rare thing by any means. The difference on this night was I was confident enough to say “I would love to share you with another woman”. There it was out and it had only taken me six or seven years.

We spent a long time going over the what ifs which Marcus does all the time, sometimes drives me nuts but it has its benefits and in this case was a very important part of the process. To cut a long story short we came up with code words, well lets face it when your in the heat of the moment “Erm can I just say that I’m not sure I’m entirely comfortable with this”. Doesn’t really cut it, so I say one word and everything is on a temporary hold. A bit overkill you may say, but it eliminates the “You did this and i didn’t like it” later.

Our first play wasn’t planned as such it kind of just happened. How can it just happen? you might ask. Well I will explain as best as I can.

We were having a movie night in our bedroom, with a friend, we had a giggle and we tend to talk about just about anything and everything usually long into the night. So the subject of sex came up and Rachel our friend was telling us how frustrated she was and that she was in need of a damn good seeing to. I told her I had just the man for the job, Marcus! Of course i get to watch. She took some time to realise  I wasn’t joking, and after chatting about how long she had wanted to jump Marcus’s bones she realised i wasn’t going to be overly jealous.

So the only rule I had was that i got to watch and in the spirit of “There’s no time like the present”. So I have to say at first she was quite timid, the idea of playing with my man was certainly something she had no problems with, but me watching, me being an observer, that was off putting for her.  At first we just watched the Movie a little more, Rachel now snuggled up to Marcus, mirroring myself.  Bold as brass I thought to myself, “This is going nowhere unless I get things started, Marcus isn’t going to take her subtle hints and she isn’t going to lead”.  So I did.

We were all laying on the bed, eyes intently on a screen that none of us were really watching, I slipped my hand over Marcus’s cock, feeling it through his trousers, she looked at me, held my eye contact for a moment then placed her hand on his leg.  I made sure to stroke over hers as I adjusted my own position, interlocking my fingers with hers, then sliding her hand up to cover his cock again.  There was no resistance, the dip of the toe into the waters proved that the waters were warm enough to bathe in!

She laughed nervously as we started chatting again, mostly my comments about it being much easier naked and see, I wasn’t going to ‘kick her arse’ as she so skillfully put it earlier. So I seductively unbuttoned the top button of Marcus’s shirt whilst kissing his neck then looked to her to do the same, thankfully she took the hint, following my lead.

Thoughout the whole night the three of us took our first steps into a more exciting, taboo and bloody awesome new range of experiences. As a first time experience it went much better than I expected, however Rachel was quite reserved and although very willing, needed to be led more than I expected.

After Rach left Marcus and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other, but it wasn’t just sex it was special, it was making love like we hadn’t done in years, close in a way we had forgotten how to be.

Needless to say we were keen to play again and spent lots of time talking about what we both wanted, and sure enough a couple of months later other opportunities arose.   We have played with a few girls now some were on the spur of the moment some were planned, most were alot of fun. On one occasion Marcus text me whilst i was at work, to tell me he had the house to himself and that he was bored and horny and i should get my butt home and sort him out. This not being possible and me being the caring sharing type of girlfriend I am, I decided to send him some company much to his surprise lol.

I text one of our previous playmates who i knew was also at a loose end, and told her Marcus needed some company. I knew she would go for it, as i had already spoken to her at length about him and she had, told me that he was one of the best fucks she had ever had, and she was always angling for another invite into our bed.

I led the play from work by sending texts and it was a real turn on to know Marcus was at home playing with another woman, and i would get all the juicy details on my return. That ‘kind of leads me on to what i would like to happen in the future.

My ultimate fantasy and want for the future, is to have Marcus in a locked room with lots of other female company. Maybe this would be a good time to mention that i love to watch, i will post about this in a separate blog but thought that this may be a good time to bring it up ;). I would love to watch lots of other girls, lick, suck and fuck Marcus and each other to a series of delicious orgasms and occasionally join in. Now i just have to get Marcus to agree…..





























  • By NaughtyNE, August 30, 2013 @ 9:45 am

    I found your blog via your tweets – sharingcpl_ne, just wondered, we’re from the NE too, UK I’m guessing by your spelling.

    Are you interested in meeting couples?

    Can you write a post about who you want to meet?

    Do you ever twitterafterdark?

    Am I allowed to link my blog here?

  • By Jen, August 30, 2013 @ 4:29 pm

    Hi, thanks for reading my blog, it’s nice to know our tweets are doing their job lol. Yes we are in NE UK, I guess the spelling does give it away a bit!

    If you read the About Jen page you’ll see that I’m not really interested at the moment in playing with another man, soft swinging maybe, depending on how things went. I’m definitely interested in playing with my man in the presence of another couple 😉

    I will be writing more posts about who/what scenarios as we progress, keep your eyes on the blog (or twitter) for the updates.

    No we don’t twitterafterdark – it’s a little… public.

    And of course, provided you’re not spamming, you can link your blog here – you can use backlinking (if you use wordpress) or just put your web address in under your email address when you add a comment.

    Jen xx

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