Hello world!

The default title on a wordpress blog is Hello World… Pretty apt when you consider that I’m a brand new blogger without a clue about how to get going!

So I’m going to keep that title for the first blog post!

Hello world!  I’m Jen, newbie blogger out of her depth and looking for friendly people to help me get to grips with this whole new realm of possibilities.

Okay so I have an About Jen page, that will be where you’ll find that extra bit of info about me, obviously.  This blog is going to cover all kinds of fun things, from the sex toys we’re testing for www.naughtybuzz.co.uk to the exploits we get up to as … (are we swingers yet?  We like extra-relationship shared sex…  not couple swapping) … budding swingers.

That’s it for a start!

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